Cognitive is a Corporate Finance firm founded with the objective of providing new and innovative financial services on a global scale in a new field we call Tech-Enabled Finance, where traditional advisory and intermediation services leverage off cutting-edge technology.

Cognitive aims to be the most holistic, most connected and most effective Corporate Finance advisor in the world in the field of Private Equity-like transactions*.

Using our proprietary investor network, we aim to be so intimately aware of the needs of institutional and corporate investors worldwide that we can match – in real time – a well-expressed funding need with the most relevant sources of capital, most likely to complete the transaction.

We want to bring our clients the most relevant financial advice, the optimal financial solution and the best and fastest service in finding capital for their corporate requirements.

The Partners have more than 45 years’ combined experience, covering every function of the C-suite financial specter, and have managed practically every major financial event in the life of a corporate, SPV or investment vehicle.

*Private Equity-like transactions: investments through equity or debt instruments, special situations, Real Estate and asset deals, structured finance, etc, and any other transaction or investment that does not involve the issuance of public securities