Our analysts scour the world on a daily basis to identify new investors across all asset classes. Through their efforts, our investor network grows at the rate of  over 100 investors per week. By the end of 2016, we aim to have built a network of around 5,000 investors, evenly distributed across the world, in order to allow us to match any seller with any buyer within our transaction range of €1m to €100m .

Every day, our clients and potential clients ask us to search for potential investors, or fine-tune and expand existing searches.

In order to do so, we assist and advise our clients in designing a complete financial instrument that includes:

  • the Uses of Funds, estimated impact of capital injection, projected returns for the investor, timing of capital injection, timescale of exit, likely modes of exit, guarantees, etc.

We carefully match our clients’ financial instrument to investors’ requirements, filtering for: investment region, industry sector, transaction strategy and investment tickets.

Additional criteria (e.g. sub-sector, expected returns, deal-specifics, “hot” sectors, etc.) allow us to fine-tune searches and accurately match the most relevant investors to our client’s proposed transaction.

Having validated the financial instrument envisaged by our client, we then structure a rigorous and robust fundraising or disposal process in order to maximize the chances of a successful outcome. The diagram below shows how you can datamine our investor network. Click on “Start” to continue:


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