What this Database does

  • We are in a position to initiate a fundraising or disposal process once our client has defined the key components of the financial instrument to be proposed to potential investors.
  • Completing a number of key data points allows us to assess how mature a fundraising or disposal process is, as well as to determine how confident we are that we can introduce our client to relevant investors.
  • Upon completing the points in the “Self-Diagnosis” page, Cognitive Corporate Finance will extract the relevant investors whose strategy coincides with the company’s proposed financial instrument.

What this Database does not do

  • We are a Sell Side advisory firm, and the investors captured in our database are not our clients.
  • As Sell Side advisors, we strive to match projects with the relevant sources of capital, but we are not in a position to guarantee the successful outcome of a fundraising or disposal exercise. Indeed, in a world where there is an oversupply of capital, the better part of the success of a fundraising or disposal exercise depends more on the company seeking capital than on the investors.
  • We make no representations on behalf of any of the investors captured in our database, nor is there any implied commitment on their or on Cognitive Corporate Finance’s part of participating in any transaction.
  • Cognitive Corporate Finance’s database is rights-protected with the relevant Intellectual Property authorities, and its design and content protected as both IP and trade secret.