Cognitive Corporate Finance is regularly contacted to contribute its network of investors in order to complete a funding round, to increase the number of potential bidders for a potential transaction or to fine-tune the search for relevant financial partners.

We are keen to work with other Corporate Finance and M&A firms on the basis of a solid financial instrument and in a spirit of transparence, teamwork & cooperation.

  • Teamwork & Cooperation: we will fully align ourselves to the other firm’s objectives, ensuring our Duty of Care is to their client, and carefully avoiding any conflict of interest. We believe that all parties can contribute to a successful transaction, and that the final financial instrument which constitutes the transaction can be optimized by all parties.
  • Transparence: just like we will put the investors we know in direct contact with the seller or sponsor, we expect to be in direct contact with said seller or sponsor. We firmly believe that agreements can only be reached in a spirit of openness and we of course commit to non-circumvention, and expect this to be reciprocated.
  • A solid financial instrument: a transaction is rarely reached solely on the basis of a business plan with P&L forecasts and even less so on the basis of purely qualitative information. We engage our investor network on the basis of a thoroughly designed financial instrument that explains the nature and dynamic of the investment to be made, its expected returns and all the underlying assumptions of its cash flow forecasts. If such an instrument needs to be designed or enhanced, we will contribute our knowledge of the requirements of our network to ensure it matches the requirements of institutional investors.